Ex-Prisoner Tells Maajid: Extremism In Jails Can't Be Stopped

2 April 2017, 14:21 | Updated: 2 April 2017, 16:14

On Monday, the government will launch a counter-extremism unit aimed at tackling “poisonous” radicalisation in prisons.

Cody was recently released from a stint in jail and told Maajid he feels so strongly about the subject, he had to ring in.

Speaking from experience, he believes the problem is more or less impossible to halt as prison officers can't "stop mobile phones and drugs getting in".

The former British army soldier added: "How are they going to stop words and thoughts?

"In prison, you're at a low ebb, you're angry at the system, the police, the government... The Ministry of Justice are talking about stopping radicalisation - prisons are run by the prisoners.

"Everything is magnified in prisons, and it fans the flames of hate towards the police, the government and MPs."

Maajid, whose think tank spoke eight years ago about introducing similar guidelines, questioned why it had take the government so long to act.

In a passionate rant, he said: "This is an ideological struggle, and if we neglect the ideas of debate through fear of appearing racist, or politically correct by somehow allowing extremist propaganda in the prisons in the name of multiculturalism, then of course we were going to end up with this kind of situation."

Watch in full below.