Distraught caller demands Government action on cladding fiasco

8 September 2020, 14:58 | Updated: 9 October 2020, 15:21

By Seán Hickey

This caller demanded for the public to pressurise the Government into helping those living in flammable homes before investing £12 billion in new housing.

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick was put to task this morning by Nick Ferrari over Government plans to spend £12 billion on new housing while 3 million people live in homes with unsafe cladding - a scandal uncovered by LBC.

Maajid Nawaz continued the conversation, where caller Colette insisted, "We need to put aside our own personal problems and we need to put these people that are living in dangerous homes first."

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The caller insisted the Government must prioritise "these homes where people are living with dangerous cladding," rather than focus on building new homes and leave people in a precarious situation.

She told Maajid, "If another Grenfell happens, we will all be as guilty as the government" for not holding the government to account over this.

"I cannot have this on my conscience knowing what we know," Colette said.

Maajid was taken aback by the worry in the caller's voice.

She wondered, "How can we sit there and listen to what he said this morning to Nick and we're just going to, what, make this tomorrow's fish and chip paper?"

Colette called on listeners to make their opinions known on this topic.

"When they're talking about what they're going to do with our money...we have a choice, and we have a voice here.

"We can't have this, Maajid. It's not fair on these people, they shouldn't have to live like this."