Grooming gangs: Maajid Nawaz denounces fears of racism from investigators

24 October 2020, 17:04 | Updated: 24 October 2020, 17:18

By Seán Hickey

Maajid Nawaz reminded investigators concerned by being called racist in the grooming gangs inquiry are letting down the victims, and minority communities by letting criminals get away.

Amid news that investigators were apprehensive to investigate in British Asian communities for child sexual abuse as part of the grooming gangs inquiry for fear of being accused of racism, Maajid Nawaz scoffed at the claims.

"Why would you bar witnesses from seeking justice," he wondered, after it came to light that some victims have met walls when trying to help investigations.

He sided with investigators – and victims: "I would defend you against anybody who calls you a racist for speaking about your rapists, it's as simple as that. Let them come and speak to me about how this is racist."

Maajid then had the perpetrators of the crimes in his sights, telling listeners that these people are "rubbishing the good name of our communities, engaging in this despicable behaviour."

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Police inaction on grooming gangs led to a worrying rise in racism in the UK
Police inaction on grooming gangs led to a worrying rise in racism in the UK. Picture: PA

Maajid made the claim that a lack of action leads to the whole community being held back by the actions of a few.

"What kind of standard do you hold us to if it's not the equal standard of justice," he said.

"Judge us equally as you would judge everybody else."

Maajid concluded by warning investigators that "the people that lose here are the victims of rape and the minority communities you're claiming to defend."