Maajid Nawaz: If The Left Continues To Bully Tories, They'll Continue To Lose Elections

18 November 2017, 16:47

"Diversity is good but that includes political diversity."

Maajid Nawaz asked his listeners whether the left had started to bully their Conservative counter-parts. He argued that if that was the case, they would not win a general election.

A Conservative student at Cambridge has spoken out about the "dirty looks" and abuse she has received from her peers because of her political beliefs.

Phoebe Pickering said young Tories were constantly the butt of jokes, causing many to censor themselves in their daily lives.

Maajid highlighted the irony of the traditionally more tolerant left persecuting the right.

He said: "You can't talk about diversity, if you value diversity, whether it's ethnic, whether it's cultural, whether it's religious and suddenly political diversity is beyond the pale.

"No, you've got to be consistent. Diversity is good but that includes political diversity.

"Otherwise we end up in echo chambers, speaking to ourselves, oblivious of the world out there, and wonder why we lose elections.

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