Lockdown strategy 'not a scientific conversation' Maajid Nawaz insists

1 November 2020, 16:10

By Seán Hickey

Maajid Nawaz pointed out to listeners that there should be no surprise that politics plays a part in the government's decision making over lockdown.

"There was always political judgements being made and that's my main point, that this is a political conversation," Maajid Nawaz pointed out.

"It's not a scientific conversation, it has never been a scientific conversation. The science can only ever be one tool in the toolbox to make a decision."

Maajid listed out the decisions made by Governement to lock down certain parts of the country in isolated situations, but avoid lockdown in other areas. He used this as a prime example of political decision making during the lockdown.

"It's not just about the science, it never has been."

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Maajid Nawaz insisted that the public should always be skeptical of power
Maajid Nawaz insisted that the public should always be skeptical of power. Picture: PA

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Maajid noted that it isn't necessarily a sinister thing for politics to come into play when making decisions on coronavirus. "A political consideration isn't a nefarious or ill conceived or even ill-intentioned one," he said, while reiterating that "it's never just about the science."

He added that it is his job as a broadcaster to "get behind the science to find out what political considerations are made when these decisions are being made," and it is his duty to reveal and scrutinise political decisions during the lockdown.

"Always be skeptical of power," Maajid told his listeners.

"Always question 'how much power do I have to surrender to a state and how do I get it back.'"

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