Maajid Nawaz To Justin Welby: Your Church Is No Longer Fit For Purpose

1 September 2019, 14:44

When the Archbishop of Canterbury called for Remainers to stop 'whingeing' and accept the referendum result, Maajid had a strong response for him: our constitution, of which the Church of England is part of, is no longer fit for purpose.

Maajid Nawaz responded to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby's comments that Remainers should stop whingeing and accept the referendum result.

Maajid pointed out that the clergyman was being hypocritical for lecturing Remain voters on democracy, given the number of unelected, appointed bishops in the House of Lords.

Criticising the make up of the constitution, Maajid went as far as to say the church was no longer "fit for purpose."

"Your church has every right to provide spiritual advice to the population, but no right morally to interfere in politics."

"So thank you for aspiring to be a democrat. It's a good start... but perhaps start with your church."