Maajid Nawaz issues warning on rise of anti-semitism

23 February 2020, 14:21

Maajid called on the public to be the "canary in the coalmine" for anti-semitism.

Maajid tackled the subject after announcing suspended Labour MPs have been to events with well known anti semites. He argued that the German terrorist caught during the week was probably an anti-semite along with an islamophobe.

Speaking live on his show, Maajid attempted to dig into the reason why his points of view might be conflicting.

The first observation Maajid made was simply that political and social debates are becoming too polarised. He claimed "moderation is at an all time low and bigotry and extremism are at an all time high".

Maajid believes that the rise in anti-semitism"represents bigger than typical discriminational racism" and that the public need to be cautious in detecting the issues with it.

Maajid suggested there's something deeper behind the new far-right
Maajid suggested there's something deeper behind the new far-right. Picture: PA

Maajid broke down the factors involved in hate speech by simplifying far right sentiment. "When racism against people like me, [happens] you can place that on the political right" he said, and added left-wing sentiment is based around the politics of envy.

The main point Maajid was putting across was that "generally bigotry across the spectrum is on the rise" and that this bigotry looks for an easy target, which is leading to mass anti-semitism.

Maajid concluded with the belief that "the state of our debate is becoming unhealthy".