Hanau shooting: Caller tells James O'Brien he's "relieved" attacker wasn't Muslim

21 February 2020, 13:40

This Muslim caller admits he's relieved the terror attacker in Hanau, Germany was not Islamic.

Nine people died and five were wounded following two shootings at shisha bars.

"Whenever I hear anything about terrorist attacks I just wait to find out if it's not a Muslim and I just find it a relief when it's not a Muslim," Zuber said, "we fear any kind of terrorist attack. There's relief when we hear it's not a Muslim."

He said the media's negative portrayal of Muslims imprints on peoples' minds and forms a narrative of common thinking.

James reflected that unfortunately a narrative shift won't happen because outlets want to sell newspapers and people have the spotlight thrust upon them if they're controversial.

"I'm a practising Muslim...but my life is like anyone else's life, I just try to get on and look after my family," Zuber said, calling the negative narrative "a bit scary."