Theresa May's Deal Is Not The Only Deal On The Table: Transparency Campaigner

2 February 2019, 15:30

Activist Gina Miller claims that the UK already has a unique deal with the EU and that we are now in a stronger position to re-negotiate terms of membership.

Gina Miller is a business owner and activist who initiated the 2016 R Miller v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union court case against the British government over its authority to implement Brexit without approval from Parliament.

Ms Miller has now started a 'Lead Not Leave' campaign which claims to recognise the frustrations that resulted in Brexit, and address the genuine concerns of all sides.

Talking about the campaign, Ms Miller said: "I think we've had two and a half years of chaos and it's worth five minutes of common sense...why are we not looking to re-negotiate the deal we already have?

"Mrs May keeps saying that there's only one deal - actually that's not correct - there's two deals, there's the deal we already have which is a unique one", the UK's current membership.

"Why not dust off the Tusk package and look for us being a stronger voice in the centre of a very stable Europe?"

Maajid Nawaz Gina Miller
Picture: LBC

"We should be leading not leaving the EU, which is the campaign I've launched", Ms Miller continued.

When Maajid pointed out that David Cameron had already tried to negotiate EU terms and failed, Ms Miller said that the UK and the EU are both in very different places now.

The Transparency Campaigner said that the EU now have to "heed" the Leave vote and pointed out that the coming elections in May could see 90 and 100 far-right MEPs sitting in the middle of Brussels.

Ms Miller said that the EU need the UK to help create "stability", and indicated that remaining in the EU would be a "win-win" for both parties.