Abortion Is The Slaughter Of The Proletariat Says Caller

17 February 2018, 15:54

After a Catholic priest said that anti-abortion groups shouldn't be banned from protesting outside abortion clinics, John rang in to defend their right to "voice their opinion."

John rang in to defends those who wish to protest outside abortion clinics, he said that "if people believe that a killing is about to happen and they feel morally bound to speak out, who are you to say the mustn't?"

Maajid defended himself saying that he wasn't saying that they couldn't speak out against it, "just not right in front of the clinic where the woman is trying to pass."

John asked why shouldn't they bring attention "of the act about to be taken in their mind to the person that's about to take it?"

Maajid Nawaz
Maajid Nawaz. Picture: LBC

Maajid said "if you go down the road to protest" that's fine, just not in front of the clinic. He continued by noting that it was illegal to protest outside the House of Commons and it should be the same rule for abortion clinics.

John defended his point saying, "they're not killing babies in the House of Commons."

Maajid argued that "when a vulnerable woman is going to an abortion clinic the last thing they want to hear is someone shouting baby killer."

Maajid said that John was clearly anti-abortion something John initially denied saying, "I believe that those who think it is wrong to have a right to say."

Asked again, John said he was "a secular person, but had a great understanding of the Catholic doctrine."

John argued that abortions equated to the "slaughtering of the next generation of the proletariat", Maajid couldn't believe what he was hearing.

John defended his point saying "not having babies and getting rid of them, and bringing in cheap labour is a good answer init." Maajid couldn't hide his shock exclaiming "WHAT!"

John finally accepted after much badgering that abortion "is killing... it's the termination of life." The whole exchange left Maajid exasperated.