Caller Claims To Know More About Article 50 Than Man Who Wrote It

23 September 2018, 13:28 | Updated: 23 September 2018, 13:34

Maajid Nawaz was left in hysterics when a caller tried to convince him that he knew more about Article 50 than the man who wrote it.

Simon told Maajid that the UK can not withdraw Article 50 and choose to remain in the European Union just by the vote of a second referendum.

The row erupted when Maajid began to doubt Simon, questioning why it was only Simon who had said this and not a mass of politicians, advisors and commentators.

"Sometimes people don't read things," Simon said.

"But there are entire desks within the Civil Service reading this," Maajid replied.

But the row took a hilarious turn as Maajid quoted the words of Lord Kerr, who authored Article 50.

"It's Lord Kerr versus Simon," Maajid said.

Lord Kerr, who wrote article 50, told LBC in June that it can be "absolutely withdrawn" with the UK resuming membership on "the exact terms we had before".