Covid-19 vaccine trialist shares concern over prospect of vaccine passports

13 February 2021, 15:45

By Seán Hickey

This caller took part in a Covid-19 vaccine trial. He fears that vaccine passports will force him to drop out of the trial so he can lead a normal life.

Ben, a caller who took part in the Janssen vaccine trial shared his skepticism towards the prospect of vaccine passports being introduced for foreign travel and work life.

"If people would have to prove vaccination at work, you wouldn't be allowed to because you're not allowed to take another vaccine," Maajid Nawaz pointed out, as the caller shared his concerns.

"Vaccine passports [are not just for] travel, but domestically, you know, once they become commonplace for work, you know, maybe pubs and restaurants are going to start asking to see your vaccine passport on the door."

"Life is going to become more restricted if you don't have a vaccine passport which is, I suppose, the point of the vaccine passport, effectively punishing you for not getting one."

He explained to Maajid that he cannot access a vaccine passport as he can't take a vaccine for the duration of the trial period.

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'Vaccine passports' may be a condition of returning to normality
'Vaccine passports' may be a condition of returning to normality. Picture: PA

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"Even if Janssen was found to work, you'd never know if you've had a placebo" Maajid said, to which Ben corrected that he could find out the result – after two years.

"If I can't go to the pub or on holiday for two years because I'm in a trial, I'm probably going to drop out and have a vaccine so I can go to the pub with my friends," he admitted.

Maajid wondered about the caller's "civil liberties perspective," and whether Brits should be effectively forced to get the vaccine.

"It doesn't sit right with me for civil liberties and allowing people to choose whatever they want, but beyond that, it shouldn't be the focus."

Her argued that rather than being bogged down on people who refuse the vaccine "we can give it to someone else," and continue the rollout.

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