Furious caller demands Government be held accountable for xmas lockdown

20 December 2020, 15:44

By Seán Hickey

This caller told the public to 'stop being caught up in fear' and demand the Government's lockdown decision be scrutinised.

Saj phoned Maajid Nawaz to express his disgust at the imposition of heightened restrictions over the Christmas period.

"For the first time in my life I feel like politicians are impacting the way I can live," the caller insisted.

Maajid was speaking to Saj off the back of claims that there is "a lack of objective criteria" for London's lockdown and the Government must be held to account for this.

"We the people don't know why the Government chooses to go from tier one to two to three to four and on what basis."

"For me as an individual it comes down to trustworthiness," the caller claimed.

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"For them to be making decisions meaning that my mum who's 63 has to be on her own on Christmas when she was supposed to spend Christmas with my son...now she's not allowed."

Saj argued that "if this is about protecting vulnerable people...then you look at the stats of people who are actually dying."

The caller noted that despite the concern over a spike in cases many experts have said that the new strain does not carry a greater likelihood of death.

The caller wondered if "we supposed to just go along with it" without picking apart the decision. He asked Maajid "how many business-owners under the age of forty have lost their livelihoods?" Because of lockdowns and whether the right balance has been struck.

He called on listeners to "stop being caught up in the fear of Covid."

"Everyone who is in this situation naturally and understandably is upset and we shouldn't be blamed for saying that our lives are being affected," Maajid added to Saj's argument.

"They should be held accountable and give us answers," the caller insisted.