Maajid Asks Whether Muslims Should Be More Comfortable With Satire

15 July 2017, 15:33 | Updated: 15 July 2017, 15:38

An East London Mosque has complained to the organisers of the Pride march after ex-Muslims displayed posters claiming "Allah is gay".

An official complaint was lodged by the East London Mosque with Pride organisers saying that posters being held up by ex-Muslims at the parade were "Islamaphobic."

Posters contained slogans including "Allah is gay".

Maajid accepts that "these posters are provocative" but argues that this "is not Islamaphobia."

He said "I wouldn't want to hold up those banners, you may not want to hold up those banners, but it's there right to hold up those banners. It's like complaining about The Book of Mormon or The Life of Brian."

Maajid discusses Islam and satire
Maajid discusses Islam and satire. Picture: LBC

The LBC host said that the East London Mosque were using the Islamaphobia as a "shield to prevent people from critiquing the religion of Islam itself."

He went on to say the only signs that could be considered Islamophobic were those that encourgaed hatred and violence towards Islamic people and none of the signs reached that criteria. He said that a poster saying "'Allah is gay' that isn't telling anyone to go and target a Muslim."

Maajid made hilighted how Christianity was under scruting from satirists "for years."