Maajid Nawaz explains how anti-semitism 'unites facists on all sides'

17 November 2019, 21:34

LBC presenter Maajid Nawaz has explained how anti-semitism successfully unites facists on all points of the political spectrum - from the far right to the far left.

"Anti-semitism is the most dangerous form of racism on the planet", Maajid says, and has the ability to unite facists on all sides, including the far right, the far left, and Islamist theocrats.

He also says this makes anti-semitism a "triple threat" which puts us at risk of making the same mistakes of the past.

"We are repeating the mistakes of the Weimar Republic," he says.

"Hitler only came to power because he succeeded in being as broad as possible to appeal to the far right and the far left in uniting them in economic grievances and the hatred of the Jews.

"It is why I'm saying anti-semitism is the most dangerous form of racism because it succeeds uniting for different reasons all three extremes, the far left the far right and the islamists.

We are at risk of making the same mistakes as the past, Maajid says
We are at risk of making the same mistakes as the past, Maajid says. Picture: LBC

"It is the triple threat. and that triple threat makes all three extremes agreeing on hating Jews leads to the following.

"If you can scapegoat one minority in society, you're scapegoating them to blame them for all the ills of society.

"From the far right it's that jews control capitalism, the finance industry and immigration, and they're letting people into this country because the banks want cheap labour. That's the typical far-right slur against Jews.

"The far left sue to their concern around the financial crash in 2008 have started parroting similar rhetoric.

"And then of course the islamists about Israel, the far left are also copying that.

"If you ed up in a situation in a country where you scapegoat a minority for the sake of political expediency it unites the facists on all sides.

"That is the lesson from the Weimar republic."

Watch the full clip in the video above.