Maajid Nawaz demands investigation into coronavirus in China

3 May 2020, 15:37

By Seán Hickey

If the Chinese Communist Party have nothing to hide about coronavirus, they should be allowing a full investigation into it's origin.

Maajid Nawaz was speaking about the news of China becoming hostile with Australia after they announced plans to conduct an investigation into the spread of the virus. He thought it ridiculous to not allow an investigation and it is vital an investigation happens.

Maajid began the argument by running through a scenario of how coronavirus could have accidentally leaked from a lab with no intention of causing a global pandemic. After breaking down the situation Maajid stressed "to understand there must be a thorough investigation."

He added that the "Chinese Communist Party are upset at the suggestion there should be any investigation" and as a result "doubled down through their propaganda that this was spread by US military" in an effort to deflect "any concern as to how this could have spread from Wuhan."

After calls they should investigate the claims, Maajid added that there should be "a full investigation about this and lets have a look at your labs in Wuhan too."

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Maajid continued to add that we shouldn't believe what the Chinese government is claiming to be the official figures on coronavirus in the country.

He went on by sharing the figures behind the spread in Europe and the spread in China. There were 13 flights to Italy from Wuhan the week before the Italian emergency which carried 2990 passengers and this caused lockdown in Europe, but there were 7530 flights within China carrying over 1 million people in the same period, "yet fatalities are apparently lower than Italy's."

"Let's have a full investigation" Maajid demanded. He said that if we are to believe these figures from a notoriously secretive state then we should at least be allowed to prove it.

Maajid said that if we can carry out an investigation, "we can get to the bottom of these very curious figures."