Maajid Nawaz Reads Out And Shames Anti-Muslim Text Messages Live On Air

7 September 2017, 14:25 | Updated: 7 September 2017, 14:28

After being bombarded with a number of anti-Muslim text messages during his show on Thursday, Maajid Nawaz finally had enough.

The intervention came as the LBC presenter discussed the growing unrest in Myanmar which was sparked by violence which broke out last month.

Nearly 400 people have since died and thousands of homes have been burned down in clashes between the military and Rohingya’s Muslim minority community.

Myanmar’s government and army now stand accused of war crimes.

The conversation promoted a flurry of listeners to send anti-Islam messages to Maajid.

One read: “Muslims die and go to paradise and that’s nice, we don’t want them here.”

Another said: “Muslims in Myanmar have been committing Jihad, beheadings and rape and the army and merely reacting to that.”

Maajid accused the contributors of behaving exactly like an Islamist extremist would.

He responded: “You sound exactly, in your celebratory tone, the way the jihadists do when their followers and acolytes mow people down on our streets.

“They celebrate that death just as you are celebrating the death of Rohingya Muslims.”

Watch his epic take down above.