Resurgence Of Interest In European Politics Will Be Good For Continued Membership

6 April 2019, 14:40 | Updated: 7 April 2019, 08:24

Maajid Nawaz explains how a resurgence of interest in European politics will be good for our membership of the EU, even if Brexit doesn't happen.

Theresa May has formally asked the EU for a further delay to leaving the European Union in order to get her Brexit deal passed through Parliament.

After cross-party talks with Labour, the Prime Minister wrote to EU Council President Donald Tusk asking to delay the date of departure until June 30th to avoid the UK taking part in the EU elections.

But Mr Tusk has indicated that the only "reasonable" way out of the current impasse is to extend Article 50 until March next year - meaning that the UK will have to take part in the elections next month.

Speaking on his LBC show, Maajid Nawaz said that voting in the EU elections wouldn't be a bad thing whether the UK leaves or not.

He said: "Traditionally as a country we haven't bothered with them and haven't participated, but next month they may well witness a resurgence of interest.

"Suddenly everyone's interested in the European Union, and if we participate in [the elections] we will witness a surge in participation and interest and the campaign will be quite invigorating."

More to follow.