"This is not a game": NHS doctor's incredibly powerful plea for public to stay inside

10 April 2020, 14:18

By Fiona Jones

This doctor, who had just finished a night shift at the NHS Nightingale, made an emotional and powerful plea to the public to stay inside.

"It is heartbreaking for us on these shifts, it's really hard to see people's lives dying and to know their loved ones can't see them, it's breaking out hearts," Gary said, breaking down in to tears.

"The government has said you can go for a stroll, it means at the top of your road. It doesn't mean go on a five mile jog or go off and socialise. For god's sake, guys, just stay at home. This is not a game, this is not a rehearsal, this is serious."

"Every single person that goes out there and flouts these laws is making a mockery of all those thousands of people that have lost their lives. It's not acceptable."

He said he hopes the government lock everyone down, including preventing walks, because it's "the only way we'll get on top of this."

A bed in the ExCel London's NHS Nightingale which opened last week
A bed in the ExCel London's NHS Nightingale which opened last week. Picture: PA

"The weather's lovely, I understand people want to get out...common sense says if the street is busy go out later. Look outside your window before you go out. If it looks busy, don't go anywhere near anyone," said Gary.

He told Maajid that he has obviously seen many deaths in his life, but not in the numbers he is seeing in the Nightingale hospital at the moment.

Gary shared how proud he was of the NHS and every single person in the service and said, "They've put everything on the line."

"Our nation is never going to be the same again because of this," he said and told people listening to look at their family members and friends because they might not see them again.