Vigilante Who Has Helped Jail 64 Criminals Speaks Out Against Entrapment

13 January 2018, 14:40

A man who said he had helped successfully jail 64 criminals, including a series of paedophiles, said he did not agree with entrapment and called LBC to tell his story.

Maajid was discussing news that police intend to crack down on paedophile-hunting vigilantes after the number of groups targeting online child abusers rose to more than 75.

On his LBC show he was asking if it was ever acceptable to take the law into your own hands.

One caller, Mark, told Maajid he had helped jail 64 criminals and described how he infiltrated the life of a peadophile who has now been jailed for 12 years.

"I infiltrated his life completeley. He was living in a hostel so I went and announced myself as homeless and befriended him".

Mark said: "He was on the run, he was a well known paedophile" and said the parents of the children who had been targetted still thank him.

Mark says he has spent more than £200,000 to secure the right resources to be able "to do this" properly.

As the conversation developed Maajid said that not everyone would follow the same procedures and the danger is that it becomes a free for all.

"Let the police do their jobs", he concluded.