1722 Committee: Adam - Save The Environment And Make Social Media Safe

6 June 2019, 08:39

Adam has a focus on healthcare, schools and the environment in his manifesto to be the next Prime Minister for Eddie Mair's 1722 Committee.

At 17:22 every day, Eddie is hearing from another listener who wants to join the long list of candidates standing to be the next Conservative Party leader.

Adam wants a focus on the environment
Adam wants a focus on the environment. Picture: PA

Healthcare for an ageing population
Better funding and more efficiencies for healthcare to deal with a population that is living longer. Use of new technology to reduce the demand on doctors.

Making social media safe
Regulation of social media to match other media, with a focus on harmful content, election integrity, privacy and data protection.

Change our way of life to stop our unsustainable way of life - what we eat, how we package things, how we travel.

Create schools fit to arm our children for a world of technology and automation.

Scrap Brexit - the above four policies are vastly more important to all of us.