1722 Committee: David - Second Referendum And Increasing Minimum Wage

5 June 2019, 07:37

David is the latest candidate to be the LBC candidate to join the race to be the next Conservative leader and he some some interesting ideas.

At 17:22 every day, Eddie is hearing from another listener who wants to join the long list of candidates standing to be the next Conservative Party leader.

Here's David's manifesto.

David is a leaver who is backing a second referendum
David is a leaver who is backing a second referendum. Picture: PA

Second Referendum
I am a leaver. I voted to leave the EU and I would do the same tomorrow. However, because the issue has divided the country so badly, we need a second referendum. The result will be binding, it would be compulsory for people over 18 can vote and all EU citizens living in the UK for five years can vote - as well as British people living in the EU.

Minimum Wage
We would have a £9.50 minimum wage per hour for all ages. I would also take it out of taxation and National Insurance completely. That is the minimum in this country to live a decent life.

Anything about minimum wage would be taxed at 25 up to £150,000 per year. Above that would be a lower rate of 15%. That's because we should encourage the wealthiest people to actually pay tax, rather than to avoid it altogether. I would have a staggered rate of VAT to pay for it.

House Building
I would use compulsory purchase to buy enough space to build a completely new city to house 5million people. Only about 3% of the land in the UK is built upon, so I want to build a new city for the 22nd century featuring a proper integrated transport system