1722 Committee: Glenn - Fixing The NHS And The Housing Crisis

7 June 2019, 10:09 | Updated: 7 June 2019, 10:56

This is Glenn's manifesto if he is voted as the next Prime Minister as part of Eddie Mair's 1722 Committee.

At 17:22 every day, Eddie is hearing from another listener who wants to join the long list of candidates standing to be the next Conservative Party leader.

Glenn wants to fix the NHS
Glenn wants to fix the NHS. Picture: PA

1. Households that earn more than £75,000 have to take compulsory private medical insurance with a premium cap of £300 per month for a family policy up until the major earner retires.

2. NHS to be taken out of politics and handed over to separate professional non profit body that can’t use the NHS as a political football (similar to when Gordon Brown handed the interest rates to the Bank of England to run).

3. Central London ULEZ scrapped if the company is prepared to deliver between 8pm & 8am

4. Buy to let scrapped – homes are for living and can’t be used to make profit unless it’s the one you own and live in.

5. All children up to 11 years of age will be offered breakfast cereals at schools providing they arrive 30 minutes before form.

6. Companies that buy land and don’t develop within 2 years have the land seized and put back on the market.

7. All supermarkets and medium size outlet fitted with drinking taps to refill and remove plastic water bottles for the shelves

8. Companies (turnover >10million) that take longer than 14 days to pay small business (turnover under £500,000) fined and exposed when audited.

9. All cyclists have to have insurance and road tax £10.

10. Scrap service charge in restaurants and add BR charge (business rate) this will help towards the owners manage the rates and keep trading.