1722 Committee: James - Fulfil Brexit And Introduce Proportional Representation

11 June 2019, 07:19

James is today's candidate for Eddie Mair's 1722 Committee - and he wants the Brexit referendum fulfilled and a change to how democracy works.

Every night at 17:22 we're going to hear from a potential candidate and then we'll get our committee together to choose our new Prime Minister.

The Union Jack mixed with the EU flag
The Union Jack mixed with the EU flag. Picture: PA


Pursue a Canada style trade deal with the EU but leave No-deal on the table as a final ultimatum. We will leave by the 31st of October. JRM to be Brexit Secretary.


Raise income Tax threshold to £14,000 to benefit low skilled works. 

Reduce tax for all citizens however close the loopholes to stop large companies and extremely wealthy individuals tax avoiding.

Make developments for a universal level of income tax.

Scrap inheritance tax.


Australian points style system to make sure skilled workers are still able to contribute to our economy such has Doctors and Nurses to NHS. But make sure our low skilled labour market is not crowded out.


Scrap HS2. Spend the budget on existing rail networks and road resurfacing.

Rail network to be nationalised to improve efficiency, quality and offer better prices to the consumer.


Recruit 20,000 more police officers that will be a local and visible presence in our towns to deter criminal activity.

Restore the powers of stop a search to reduce the huge amounts of violent crime in our cities.

Foreign criminals deported to counties of origin


Build multiple nuclear power plants. To reduce dependency on foreign gas and oil.

Scrap green energy subsidies.

Invest into R&D regarding tidal power.

Prioritise building new affordable homes on brownfield sites before expanding to the green belt.


Support the result of the 2016 referendum and make sure the UK leave the EU on the 31st of October.

Write all of our existing EU laws into UK law so they can be repealed and amended once we have left.

Have a codified bill of rights that also include rights in a digital space.

Have proportional representation in the House of Commons.

Make the House of Lords subject to the electorate.