1722 Committee: Jonathan - Replace Income Tax And Experts Get Double Votes

13 June 2019, 15:21

Jonathan is one of the most radical candidates to date - as he is proposing that experts' votes count double.

Every night at 17:22 we're going to hear from a potential candidate and then we'll get our committee together to choose our preferred candidate.

On Wednesday, Jonathan spoke to Eddie Mair - and he had some fascinating ideas. Here is his manifesto.

Jonathan has some interesting tax ideas
Jonathan has some interesting tax ideas. Picture: PA

Get rid of income tax and replace it with micro-transaction tax along with earning income by investing in property and earning rental income whilst simultaneously resolving the housing crisis.

Also levy property taxes on very large and expensive holdings (very low cost for regular people but very high cost for the wealthy)

Replace universal suffrage with "graded suffrage" wherein people with expertise and understanding of major issues get more votes than people who are ignorant.  Everyone gets a voice, but people who are proven to have a greater understanding (you need to pass a test and your score determines the weight of your votes) of ecology and economics get more voting power.  

To be a political candidate, you need to have qualifications and pass exams displaying competence in economics and ethics.

Decriminalise drug use and treat it as an illness.

Revoke Article 50.  It was a mistake to go to the nation for something so complex.  Apologise and move on.

Whilst staying in the EU, massively tighten the rules on immigration (as Germany does) from EU countries making it hard to settle here unless certain conditions are met (that reduce the likelihood of straining public services).

Set up grand juries to manage the CPS and control the cases that they bring to court.

Dramatically increase social services for young people to give them activities and mentors.

Require all 16-18 years to do public service, either in the armed forces or providing support services for the needy in the UK or foreign projects.  

Divert all overseas aid to support projects that involve young British people working in above-mentioned projects helping people developing countries to stand on their own feet (e.g. renewable energy projects).

Develop policies to dramatically and rapidly move the country to renewable energy production (e.g. every new roof needs to be solar, interest-free loans for home and business installation of electricity generation and storage.

Reduce the working week to 4 days with some people working on Fridays and others on Mondays - but not both.

Develop policies to encourage people to spend more time and money on art, music and creative pursuits rather than buying products and pivot the economy away from consuming our earth to enjoying each other and our own creative talents that don't require destroying trees and producing plastics.

Ban plastic bottles, and put massive taxes on all plastics using the funds generated to find solutions for sustainable packaging and become a world centre for massive plastic reduction.

Change the entire education system.  Secondary schools to start after 10am (teenagers need sleep) and copy the Finnish system with massive increases in pay for teachers (on par with lawyers and bankers) and students deeply involved in running their schools, selecting their teachers and governors.  Remove the stress-inducing system of exams for ongoing assessment.  Change the curriculum, pivoting to teaching personal finance management, nutrition and detailed understanding of how our bodies function, understanding the legal system, learning how to have meaningful conversations (especially how to listen).

Break up the monopolies on social media and allow new models that do not rely on the deployment of fake news and fear-mongering.

Require new parents to attend parenting classes and offer high-class support to all parents including offering the best tools to help moderate and manage their children's screen time.

Get rid of faith schools - the state should not be encouraging British people to grow up in closed communities.

Remove charity status from private schools and, instead, tax them heavily, using the funds to improve state schools (with a view to putting private schools out of business).

Setup a People's Oversight committee to introduce charges for visits to doctors and hospitals and generally investigate how to ensure that people who abuse their health have to shoulder the financial costs.

Create legal structures that ensure that cars are shared across the country and prepare for the car industry to start reducing the number of vehicles it produces (we can't keep filling our earth and roads with more and more vehicles, even if they are electric) and enable the sharing of rides.

Nationalise the railway service and provide a much better and cheaper service including an affordable annual fee to travel on the entire network.

Move key government offices to the regions and offer massive tax benefits to companies that operate away from the South East.

Provide youth in knife crime-ridden communities with a safe-to-use defence tool so that they don't need to carry a knife for self-defence and couple this with a zero-tolerance policy towards people carrying knives.

Create an entirely new set of categories for crimes so that they are not all lumped together as "crimes", with minor crimes that do not harm people reclassified.

Examine the causes of crime to understand the nature and causes of criminality and create policies to reduce crime at its source.

Create a food taxation system that rewards the selling (in restaurants and supermarkets) of nutritious, natural, unprocessed foods - couple this with a national educational resource to explain to everyone how important it is to eat healthily and avoid sugar (especially in drinks), oil, salts, certain fats and certain chemicals.