Aberdeen lockdown: "Now is not the time to place blame" says SNP MP

5 August 2020, 18:00

By Seán Hickey

As Aberdeen reenters lockdown amid a spike in coronavirus cases, the MP for Aberdeen South said people must have an "increased level of personal responsibility" going forward.

Aberdeen saw a rise in Covid-19 cases which are traced back to a pub in the city and has resulted in First Minister Nicola Sturgeon imposing a local lockdown in the area.

Stephen Flynn is SNP MP for Aberdeen South and told Eddie Mair that he doesn't think "it's necessarily the time to apportion blame," when asked what may have caused the spike in cases.

"We to take this opportunity to have a robust conversation between the license trade and the local authorities," he said, "over what has been happening in the city centre over the weekend."

Mr Flynn told Eddie that he's "heard of people providing duff information to track and trace," such as fake names and phone numbers.

"None of these things have been helpful," he admitted.

The SNP MP said that residents need "an increased level of personal responsibility," when lockdown is lifted in weeks from now, as non-compliance with track and trace may be one of the main reasons for the lockdown.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon reimposed lockdown in Aberdeen today
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon reimposed lockdown in Aberdeen today. Picture: PA

In terms of people taking responsibility, he told Eddie that "not everyone's been doing their best in that regard," and this needs to change going forward if we are to avoid further isolated lockdowns.

Eddie wondered what the impact on the local economy may be with the reintroduction of lockdown, and Mr Flynn told him that "our economy is now reeling."

The Aberdeen South MP told Eddie that with the drop in the price of oil, many households in Aberdeen have been hit hard. He added that he has been in contact with Chancellor Rishi Sunak in an effort to have the furlough scheme extended to save the local economy in Aberdeen.

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