Caller disgusted with Jacob Rees-Mogg's test comments as her dad died of Covid-19

17 September 2020, 21:34

By Fiona Jones

This heartbroken caller told LBC how her dad died with coronavirus after being refused a test and shared her utter disgust at Jacob Rees-Mogg "spouting" praise for the testing system.

People need to be "reasonable" and stop the "endless carping" about the difficulty of getting coronavirus tests, Leader of the House of Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg has said.

The North East Somerset MP told the Commons on Thursday that it is "quite right" for people who have family members that develop Covid-19 symptoms to self-isolate.

Caller Carmela told Eddie she was "infuriated" by these comments: "I cannot believe the success that he is spouting about."

"I'm somebody that lost my dad to Covid on 1 April, my dad was not able to get any test whatsoever. He was told to stay home and isolate despite having an underlying health condition of diabetes," she said.

She continued: "The fact that the Government are consistently patting themselves on the back and saying hey we're doing really well, we're doing great at tracking and testing people is absolute codswallop.

"I cannot believe that people are allowed to do this and say this and continue to go on like this. It's upsetting to people like me who've actually lost somebody that should not have died from this disease because we were too late to put anything into action.

"40,000 people like my dad died who didn't need to."

Eddie asked if those that have died have been remembered to which she responded vehemently that the coronavirus victims are not remembered.

"My dad passed away when my baby was six weeks old, my son is never going to get to know my dad and my dad is going to become just a number," Carmela said, "he was not offered any help despite numerous calls to the 111 service, consistently told to stay at home and isolate."

She asked why in other countries if someone wants a test they can get that response within hours.

"To have MPs stand up in Parliament and say well done we're doing a great job, stop carping on, is just terrible."