Conservative Party Vice-Chair Tells LBC There Is No Brexit Plan B

25 July 2019, 17:44

Speaking to LBC's Eddie Mair the Vice-Chair of the Conservative Party Marcus Jones revealed there was no plan B when it come to Brexit.

Eddie said: "Will you please tell me what plan B is?" speaking about what would happen if the UK was still in the EU past the promised Brexit deadline.

The Tory MP didn't seem to be able to answer beyond "the plan is to come out of the EU on the 31st of October."

"There is no plan B," Mr Jones said.

Eddie Mair asked him if the country would be going "off the cliff," he asked why Boris Johnson doesn't have a plan B.

Mr Jones said there was a plan in place, and things were "ramping up" in case of a no-deal Brexit.

Watch the whole amazing exchange in the video at the top of the page.