Coronavirus: Caller urges Eddie Mair to be positive about social distancing

17 March 2020, 17:29 | Updated: 17 March 2020, 17:35

By Seán Hickey

This caller rang in to tell Eddie that he is wrong to ask callers how bored they are during social distancing, especially after just one day.

Andrea called in between going from the supermarket to picking up her children from school and assured Eddie that the secret of getting through the isolation phase is keeping occupied.

"You're encouraging people to call in just after one day of isolation to talk about how bored they are" Andrea vented. Eddie was taken by surprise by the criticism and assured Andrea that he was trying to find out how people were feeling about their isolation.

Andrea went on to give her opinion of the situation to Eddie. "People work better if they've got a purpose" she said and shared her plan for what she sees as the inevitable- schools closing. She told him that she has a schedule planned for her children for when they spend their days at home.

She believed that the focus on what has already happened isn't helping peoples mental health. She asked Eddie to "start talking to people about things they can do so they don't feel overwhelmed"

School closures could put a serious strain on professional life
School closures could put a serious strain on professional life. Picture: PA

"It's taking us back to basics" Andrea stated. She encouraged people to take up a new hobby during this time to enrich themselves and also to keep themselves occupied.

"We're focusing things that we cant do, cant change. I think it's gonna really upset people". Andrea's positivity in the situation showed encouragement to listeners for the future and was inspiring how people can manage the coming weeks and months. She left a lasting impression on Eddie too.

"I think people might have been cheered up just by hearing you" Eddie said. He felt her recommendation to take a more positive attitude for stories on self isolation was right and took it on board.