Coronavirus: which items are going first in supermarkets?

31 March 2020, 18:59

By Seán Hickey

This shop worker revealed to Eddie Mair what were the items that supermarkets run out of quickest during lockdown.

Eddie began by asking how workers in the industry are coping at the moment with their jobs currently being extremely high-stress. Aaron, who was working in his local supermarket as a part-time job during University stated that initially "people started to panic and not read into the right sources" but now workers are slowly coming to understand the situation.

Aaron told Eddie that the staff in his supermarket were "issued with masks but not gloves" but insisted that "staff are generally pretty cautious" in his supermarket and work remarkably well with the equipment they've been given.

Eddie asked the question on everybody's lips: what is the most in demand product in the supermarkets during lockdown?

Aaron declared that in his own branch "alcohol consumption has definitely risen, which is concerning."

Coronavirus: which items are going first in supermarkets?
Coronavirus: which items are going first in supermarkets? Picture: PA

"The beer shelves have been completely stripped" Aaron stated. He claimed that he wasn't sure if the mass of alcohol buying in his branch was down to boredom or desperation.

Aaron told Eddie that the shelves were first stripped of toilet roll, then pasta came next and most noticeably came alcohol. He pointed out that at this moment in time his own supermarket is running dangerously low on meat supplies and thinks this will be the next thing to go.

Surprisingly, he revealed that at the peak of the hysteria around coronavirus that half of the stock in his shop was gone from one day to the next.