Doctors told not to talk about protective equipment shortages, confirms doctor

31 March 2020, 20:46

By Fiona Jones

Dr Bharat Pankhania told LBC he's been contacted by many NHS workers who cannot get access to protective equipment and have been ordered not to tell anyone.

Dr Bharat Pankhania said he has received many messages on social media: "People are looking for people they can talk to and that is really upsetting.

"The fact that they're looking, then they find me, then they're writing to me and saying we're desperate, and I've had calls from north of England, west of England, east of England, south of England...everywhere.

"And they are saying we have been given substandard PPE or we've been given no PPE or we've been asked to share.

"Or we've been asked to downgrade what would be a procedure requiring a PPE to say actually you don't need it. They're making up that you don't need it when you do.

"Despite clear assurances that has been delivered, these are people calling me and saying I haven't got it."

Eddie asked if Dr Bharat has heard health professionals saying "we've been told not to talk about this."

"Absolutely, these guys have been looking for me and asked if I would talk about it and mention it somewhere," he said.

Dr Bharat pointed out he's an independent doctor and happy to take this forward as much as he can but "I am nobody."

Eddie kindly reminded Dr Bharat that he's not nobody due to his hard work on LBC answering many questions about the pandemic.

NHS England have been contacted for comment.