'Donald Trump has fomented civil unrest,' says ex-Obama adviser

6 November 2020, 17:23

By Sam Sholli

Donald Trump has fomented civil unrest in the US, an adviser to the Obama administration has told LBC.

Amy Pope, who was a security adviser to Barrack Obama during his presidency, made the remark as Joe Biden edges closer to victory in the US election.

When asked by LBC's Eddie Mair what Mr Trump's next course of action might be, she said: "I think he'll continue to try to bring lawsuits wherever he can, regardless of their merit.

And I think he'll also continue to gin up his supporters. He has really fomented a level of dissension and civil unrest.

We've seen armed Donald Trump supporters outside of the country buildings in places like Arizona. We've seen very fiery rhetoric..."

Eddie then asked the former security adviser if she thought Donald Trump would allow for a peaceful transition of power if Joe Biden were to become President.

She responded: "Eventually, I think that it will be. But I don't think we'll get there for a while. I mean Donald Trump loves theatre, that's what he does best.

"He wants to be the centre of conversation [and I don't think he's ready to let that go yet."

However, she added: "But ultimately on January 20th, I think we'll see a peaceful transition"

When asked if she expected Joe Biden to speak out against Brexit if he were President, she replied: "I don't think so. I mean this is an issue that is within the sovereignty of this country..."