Eddie Mair's Masterful Interview With Michael Heseltine On Brexit

11 September 2018, 11:29

Eddie Mair was on top form as he probed Lord Heseltine over whether Theresa May is the right person to be Prime Minister.

The new LBC presenter found it fascinating that the Conservative peer was agreed with prominent Brexiteer Peter Bone over the PM's Chequers Agreement.

And his forensic questions left Lord Heseltine admitting that he doesn't think Mrs May believes in what she is doing at all.

He said: "I think she's got a fundamental problem, that she campaigned for Remain in a very articulate speech, every word of which I agreed with. And then she changed her mind. I think from that moment on her credibility frankly was pretty low.

"Well she can't believe what she's saying now and believe what she said before, during the referendum campaign. They're not compatible."

Eddie Mair interviewed Michael Heseltine
Eddie Mair interviewed Michael Heseltine. Picture: LBC

Eddie put to him: "I wonder then if you're on the side of the Brexiteers again in that regard? That perhaps someone committed to Brexit, who feels it in their heart, if they had been Prime Minister all this time, perhaps the United Kingdom would be in a better position."

But Lord Heseltine insisted: "How do you have a better position, where Britain is in a subservient role to the continent in which we played a dominant role for a thousand years?

"How do you explain to your children, 'Look we are now going to accept that there would be rules made by the Europeans without talking to us and we have no choice but to accept them'. How do you explain that?"

It was a fascinating interview - watch it at the top of the page.