Exclusive: Jacob Rees-Mogg Comments On Catholic Church Sex Scandal For The First Time

12 September 2018, 20:19

The Conservative MP and devout Catholic condemned the scandal publicly for the first time during Eddie Mair's show.

Whilst interviewing Jacob Rees-Mogg, Eddie Mair took the opportunity to ask the Conservative MP about his views on the Catholic sex scandal.

This because a former Guardian writer, Michael White, accused Mr Rees-Mogg of being a 'Rent-a-quote' on Brexit, but silent on "centuries of sexual abuse by the most powerful, secretive and authoritative institution in Europe for 2000 years.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, a staunch Catholic, responded: "You're the first person that's ever asked me about it. And it's a matter of the deepest shame to the Catholic church.

He continued: "It is the most terrible blot on the church, it is a desperate scandal and the response to it has been consistently inadequate.

"It is shameful that sexual abuse went on within the institution of the church.

"It is the most appalling thing."