Jeremy Corbyn is like Del Boy - his promises won't happen, caller tells Labour candidate

21 November 2019, 19:54

This caller told a Labour candidate that Jeremy Corbyn reminded him of Del Boy at the market while delivering Labour's manifesto because he was making promises that wouldn't happen.

The caller Richard phoned up to question why, if Labour are so against monopoly in business, is their policy to nationalise many sectors such as water and electricity.

However after Lloyd Russell-Moyle differentiated between their policy and the concept of business monopoly, Richard wasn't convinced.

He said: "Jeremy Corbyn in his manifesto speech reminded me of Del Boy at the market, saying come and buy our hair dryers, usual cost £57 for £2.50, and when you get home and turn them on the TV goes off.

"What he is saying is everything is free, everything is wonderful, and I think for people to believe that they've got to be so gullible because it just will never happen."