Speaker's Decision To Block Vote Has Brought "Huge Dishonour" To His Role, Says Caller

21 October 2019, 16:32 | Updated: 21 October 2019, 16:34

The caller told Eddie Mair she was "fuming" because John Bercow "is so partisan it's untrue" and his decision to block today's Meaningful Vote on Johnson's deal "has brought huge dishonour to the role" of the Speaker.

Sarah from Kent said: "There's a finite date on 31 October and John Bercow seems quite happy to let us have millions of votes" and "all these other amendments", however, she said "we've already voted against an extension, we've already voted against all these changes."

"We have a deal on the table which works for the majority of people within this country. Let's just get on and get it done."

Eddie asked: "Do you think this is no longer impartial? Is it political, do you think?"

"It is totally not impartial. He is so partisan it's untrue. With absolutely everything he's done in recent months, it shows completely where his thoughts and sentiments lie. Unfortunately he's brought a huge dishonour to that role."