Former Government Trade Negotiator Dismisses John Boltons Brexit Trade Comments As "Warm Words"

13 August 2019, 19:33

Donald Trump's National Security Advisor, John Bolton, has said the US would "enthusiastically" support a no-deal Brexit, but a former government negotiator dismissed them as just "warm words."

David Henig, a former Department of International Trade Negotiator, told LBC that Mr Bolton "doesn't know much about trade," and he is "quite happy to brandish promises around."

Eddie asked Mr Henig if tone was important, and when the US official talks about a "fast track approach" and says "we are with you" isn't that what "many people in this country want to hear?"

The former trade negotiator said that the "tone was important" but that people "know the [US] administration is very keen to have a trade deal with the UK."

Eddie Mair was speaking to a former UK Government trade negotiator
Eddie Mair was speaking to a former UK Government trade negotiator. Picture: LBC

He said while it was a "tone that says yes they will negotiate a deal with us," but that it "doesn't really take us any further as to what the deal will look like, whether it will actually be good for the UK."

He described it as "a few warm words."

Suggesting if a deal "avoided the most controversial issues, like agriculture" and instead focused on areas where strong trade relations already exits.

When Eddie asked if Donald Trump would be "very interested in driving a hard bargain," Mr Henig agreed and said President Trump had an election to win next year, so a surface trade deal was possible.

But warned that, there are "no free gifts in trade negotiations," so the US President would probably drive a hard bargain.

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