Leave Voter Hits Out At Change UK Candidate Over Brexit

20 May 2019, 17:48

This caller tells a Change UK candidate that unless Brexit happens then there "cannot be any faith" that decisions will be implemented.

How will a second referendum "heal the divide in the country" and "restore faith in democracy?" One caller asked Gavin Esler, who is hoping to become an MEP for Change UK.

Mr Esler said the country is "hugely divided" at the moment. And we are facing the "sad spectacle" of somebody throwing a milkshake over Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage.

The only way to come together in a democracy is to "have a democratic vote," Mr Esler said.

Challenging the MEP candidate the caller asked if he thought that would "restore faith" of 17.4m people?

"You are a journalist, answer the real question," the caller said, "how will it restore faith?"

Mr Esler said he hopes a second referendum would bring people together, and that people come together to reject Brexit.

"Your policy is based around hope?" the caller fired back.

The caller said that if Brexit is not implemented then there "cannot be any faith", that any decision that is made "will be implemented."

Mr Esler said he thought that people would come together and "reject Brexit" doing so "overwhelmingly."

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