Mother's devastating story of how daughter's addiction destroyed her family

5 August 2020, 19:09

By Seán Hickey

This is the heartbreaking call Eddie Mair had with a mother who never gave up on her daughter, even when her addiction led to her selling her house and fleeing the country.

Seema had her name changed for anonymity in her conversation with Eddie Mair about addiction and how it affects the families of addicts. She told Eddie the story of her 37 year old daughter who started a cannabis and alcohol habit when she was 14.

Four years ago, Seema said her daughter moved to India with her husband, and left her two children in the UK for Seema to look after. She had sold her home to make the move and Seema put it down to an increasing reliance on cocaine and other drugs.

After four years away, her daughter came back to the UK in April and Seema spent a massive amount of her time and money trying to help her daughter. She was subsequently diagnosed with ADHD.

"I wonder how her life and your life would have been different if this had have been picked up years ago," Eddie wondered.

Seema believed that her battle with breast cancer breast cancer was caused by her stress at her daughter's situation.

"It's destroyed my family," she said, adding that her husband had a heart attack from the stress of the situation.

"She's back with us but it has destroyed my family."

Seema said that her motivations in making the call were to let people know "it does happen in Indian families as well."

Eddie encouraged Seema to get in touch with to get help with her situation.

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