SNP MP Stephen Gethins Says A Fightback Against No-Deal Brexit Is Underway

14 August 2019, 20:06

The SNP Brexit spokesman has suggested that a fightback against a no-deal Brexit is underway and that a "Parliament of minorities" would be part of the solution.

Eddie Mair asked the SNP's Brexit spokesperson Stephen Gethins MP if there was a fightback against Brexit underway and "why have you left it so late."

The Scottish MP said he didn't think it had been left all that late, and that they had been "quite " that Brexit is "not good for anybody."

He said that it "hurts the economy, it hurts the opportunities for young people."

Eddie asked the MP " how are you going to stop it."

Stephen Gethins is the SNP Brexit spokesman
Stephen Gethins is the SNP Brexit spokesman. Picture: PA/LBC

Mr Gethins said that there needed to be more cross-party cooperation in Westminster, suggesting there should be a "Parliament of minorities."

The MP would not be drawn out on the subject of Jeremy Corbyn leading a government of national unity.

He said that one possible option was "taking control of the order paper."

Eddie put it to him that Downing Street had said "it's too late for you and your ilk," to which the MP laughed and said that is not true, adding "we've got weeks and weeks to go. We have the will of Parliament."

But, he warned if Downing Street want to "dodge democracy, if they don't have the confidence of their own convictions to face up to Parliament," then he thought that said "a lot more about their arguments and where they are than it does about this process."

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