"Loss after loss": Eddie Mair quizzes Lib Dem activist on the party's future

17 December 2019, 20:17 | Updated: 17 December 2019, 20:19

Eddie Mair has questioned a former Liberal Democrat candidates about the future of their party and whether it should merge with the Labour Party.

Eddie asked the activist: "The point about Westminster - loss after loss after loss after loss after loss - doesn't the point come where you have to take the hint?"

"Which is what?" asked the caller.

"Which is when it comes to Westminster, the Liberal Democrats are a party of losers. I don't mean that in a pejorative way, I'm just saying factually that's what's happened."

She replied: "No, I just genuinely think that they have they have something that we're not selling well enough. We have a strong manifesto, the best costed manifesto that's been proven by independent experts, but nobody knows what we're for."

The Liberal Democrats have consistently lost Westminster elections
The Liberal Democrats have consistently lost Westminster elections. Picture: PA Images

The activist shared her frustration with the lack of support for the Liberal Democrats in Scotland, saying that her mum called the party "the other yellow ones" when she told her about her candidacy.

"I told my mum I was standing as their candidate. And she knows my background, she knows what I'm passionate about I'm passionate education, I'm quite strong in the community.

"And she says, 'are you joining the SNP?' and I said, no. She said, 'are you join Labour?' and I said no. She looked at me and said, 'Who are you standing for the, other yellow ones?'"

"That's the bottle you fight in central Scotland and places all over the UK. I would urge anyone that's listening to open a Lib Dem manifesto, see what we're about and then say 'I would prefer Labour over the Lib Dems.'"