Remorseful Caller Who Voted Leave Wants Another Referendum

14 December 2018, 17:46 | Updated: 14 December 2018, 17:57

This caller told Eddie why he now regrets the decision he made to vote Leave in the Brexit referendum, and would like to see a People's Vote.

After Tony Blair called, yet again, for a second referendum to break the Brexit deadlock, Eddie Mair asked his listeners who they supported - Theresa May and her deal or Tony Blair and his desired second referendum.

Caller Justin revealed that back in 2016 he had been completely undecided on which way to vote in the referendum, right up until he entered the polling station.

Justin said that at the time, he thought the better option was to leave but now he wished he'd made a different decision.

Eddie Mair
Picture: LBC

Justin went on to point out that he thought it was "an age-centric decision to vote out" and that people who have now reached the voting age since the original referendum 30 months ago should be given an opportunity to vote in a People's Vote.

When asked by Eddie why Justin had voted to leave in the first place, the caller said that he had thought decisions were being made outside the country and that there was a lot of red tape, but indicated that it had now become apparent to him that he thought the UK should stay in the EU.

"The see-saw has swung and I do think that a further referendum will probably be remain", Justin said.

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