Rory Stewart: Brexiters WANTED British Courts To Take Back Control

25 September 2019, 08:07

Rory Stewart asked why Brexiters campaigned for British courts to take back control, only to turn on them when they ruled on something they didn't like.

The Penrith MP was one of 21 MPs to have the whip withdrawn after voting against the government in an attempt to stop a no-deal Brexit.

Speaking to Eddie Mair following the Supreme Court ruling that prorogation was unlawful, Mr Stewart said he would get back to the House of Commons to try to help get a Brexit deal through that is good for the UK.

He said: "The people who voted for Brexit said they wanted to take back control for the British parliament and the British courts.

"And as soon as the British parliament and British courts have done something, it seems as though they have turned against them.

Eddie Mair had a fascinating discussion with Rory Stewart
Eddie Mair had a fascinating discussion with Rory Stewart. Picture: LBC

"We will come back to parliament and I will try to push for a compromise Brexit to get this done so we can leave in an orderly, calm and sensible way with a proper transition period and proper economic plan in place.

"But other sides have got all whipped up, so you'll have people pushing for a second referendum and people still pushing for no-deal."

Mr Stewart was critical of the Americanisation of our politics, adding: "I think a vote of no confidence would lead to the main thing that worries me, the Americanisation of British politics.

"This sense that we're getting into a Trumpian politics."