Schoolboy shares his first day back with Eddie Mair: "It was amazing seeing my friends again"

1 June 2020, 17:50

By Seán Hickey

This schoolboy gave LBC a comprehensive look into how schools have been operating during lockdown, and today as they reopen.

Josh is a year six student that called Eddie Mair after arriving home from his first day back in school. His sharp wits helped him along a lovely conversation as he began by explaining how he's been keeping on top of his school work.

He told Eddie that during lockdown he "had to do online learning" with his teachers setting up classes on a group working software. Eddie wanted to know if he felt as though he missed anything notable while working from home.

"One thing I have missed is seeing the teachers in person" Josh said, adding that he also missed his friends. "I went back today and it was amazing seeing them again" he beamed.

Quizzed on his motivations behind wanting to go back to school, he told Eddie that he wanted to see his friends and teachers in person again.He was sure he didn't miss a whole lot while stuck at home, revealing that "you do get a lot of work done with online learning."

Josh briefed Eddie on what he had to do today as he went back to school. He told Eddie that his class brought in their laptops and devices to work off coursework when their teacher couldn't teach certain subjects. He also went through some of the safety measures, telling listeners that "they always have hand sanitiser" and that "there's arrows on the floor because they have one way systems."

Josh told Eddie that it was "quite hard to keep social distancing but we managed just fine." Eddie wanted to know the if the student was worried about his safety while going about school today, but Josh insisted that "as long as I wash my hands and don't put my fingers near my face and mouth I'll be fine, and if I keep social distance I'll be fine."

Eddie then brought the heat down on their conversation to something more light hearted. "What do you plan to do in life?" He asked the schoolboy. "I hope one day to be a famous radio presenter" was Josh's answer. Eddie was taken aback and asked him "what's so good about it" when Josh told him that "it's that feeling of entertaining people that makes me quite happy."

Josh went on to tell Eddie that he and his mother had a slot on a community radio station that he offered Eddie to be a guest on once he might be allowed to. Eddie neither accepted nor refused the offer.