Stephen Lawrence's father "not giving up" on seeking justice for his son

11 August 2020, 18:12

By Seán Hickey

Neville Lawrence told LBC that although Police investigating the racist murder of his son say the investigation is now inactive, he will not stop seeking justice.

The father of slain Stephen Lawrence told Eddie Mair that the police have "done everything possible to get the rest of the people that murdered my son in 1993, but so far they've not been able to find enough evidence to go to trial."

The Met Police have moved the investigation into Stephen Lawrence's racist murder to an "inactive phase" after all lines of inquiry were completed.

Neville Lawrence said he is seeking "not just some justice, but total justice."

Eddie asked what Mr Lawrence thought of the decision by the police, when he noted that if he didn't take a court case to get them to continue years ago "we would not have gotten two people in prison," for the murder.

"The only thing I can do now is to talk to my solicitors and barristers to see if there's anything we can do to force them to continue to try and find the people who murdered Stephen."

Neville Lawrence told Eddie Mair that he will not give up in seeking justice for his son
Neville Lawrence told Eddie Mair that he will not give up in seeking justice for his son. Picture: PA

Stephen Lawrence's father assumed "if you're able to convict two people, you should be able to convict whoever else is involved."

"They might have given up but I'm not giving up," he said.

"My son is laying in the ground in Jamaica, they're just walking around and having their families and having kids."

Asked how he has been coping with the case, Mr Lawrence told Eddie that he has been baptised in recent years and he gets comfort from the fact that he's "stopped thinking any bad things about these people, they've to get God to forgive them for what they've done."

"Forgiveness has allowed me to accept what has happened, but at the same time try to see what I can do to get a just end to the crimes these people have done."