The Saltire Is "Paraded Through The Streets Like Hitler Used To" Scottish Caller Tells LBC

12 August 2019, 19:39

This caller from Scotland told Eddie Mair he was proud of Scotland, and carried the Saltire everywhere he went when he was in the military, but he painted a worrying view of Scottish nationalism.

He said there is "no form of nationalism that's benign, there's no form of nationalism that's good."

Eddie asked if it was possible to be a Scottish nationalist and be proud of Scotland and equally care for a like the English.

Painting a worrying picture of nationalism the caller said he was "absolutely proud of Scotland, I've carried a saltire everywhere I went, even when I was in the forces and now it's covered in Yes banners and paraded through the streets like Hitler used to do.

"That's what they used to do, they marched and marched until they got what they want."

The caller said the Saltire flag has been covered in 'yes' slogans
The caller said the Saltire flag has been covered in 'yes' slogans. Picture: PA

He said nationalism was "frightening" and that "nationalism in Scotland is frightening. You're called traitors and quislings" if you admit you "believe in the union."

He said that an Independent Scotland would be a "very very small fish, in a very big pond," without any "Central bank," or a "lender of last resort," and having to join the Euro.

He warned "you can't watch Braveheart and transcend everything away from the fifth biggest economy in the world."

When Eddie asked him what he would do if Scotland became independent the caller's instant reaction was "move to England."

Watch the whole of the caller's worrying view on nationalism in the video at the top of the page.