Pro-Tory caller says there is "nothing wrong" with NHS privatisation

19 December 2019, 17:54

A caller said she saw "nothing wrong" with increasing privatisation in the NHS and was optimistic about Boris Johnson's programme for government.

Claire from Tunbridge Wells told LBC's Eddie Mair that NHS privatisation was not "a bad thing" and claimed a previous caller has been "mislead" by journalist John Pilger, whose latest documentary claims a takeover of NHS services by American companies.

"I think he's been misled by Pilger who is just a serial whinger to be perfectly honest," the caller claimed.

Eddie pointed out there has been "increasing privatisation in the NHS for decades".

Many protests have been held in opposition to the government's NHS strategy
Many protests have been held in opposition to the government's NHS strategy. Picture: PA Images

The caller, who used to work in the City, went on to praise parts of the Queen's Speech made on Thursday.

The Speech sets out the government's priorities and spending plans and precedes the state opening of Parliament, where the Conservatives have returned with an 80-seat majority.

"For the last few years there's been this awful gloomy pessimism and everyone has assumed that it's all going to be bad, and that leaving the EU is going to be a disaster.

"I just think that it's not helpful. It doesn't encourage investment, it doesn't encourage people to go out and set up businesses, and I think that a tone of optimism will actually take this country forward."