Tory MP Urges Remainers To Write Directly To The PM Over No-Deal

14 August 2019, 17:56

When Eddie Mair asked the Tory MP for Wimbledon what he would do if he could vote to stop Brexit, the Conservative said it was a "big dilemma."

Eddie Mair asked Conservative MP Stephen Hammond that with the possibility of some "ancient procedures" being used in the House of Commons, what he would do if he could vote to stop Brexit.

The Tory MP said he thought it was more likely that the ancient procedures would just mean an extension to the leave date, he said he wanted to fulfil the democratic mandate of the people.

Eddie pressed the politician asking if the "opportunity presented itself" what would he do.

Eddie Mair was speaking to Tory MP Stephen Hammond
Eddie Mair was speaking to Tory MP Stephen Hammond. Picture: LBC/PA

Calling the situation a "big dilemma," he said he would "have to think about that when it presents itself."

Eddie asked the Wimbledon MP what he thought Remain supporting members of the public should do, as there was "a lot of anger" among Remain voters at the prospect of a no-deal scenario.

Mr Hammond said people should "write directly to the Prime Minister," adding that there was an "assumption at the moment" that people are "so fed up with it they just want it to happen."

Joking with the MP, who was a signatory to a letter to the Prime Minister which was leaked on Wednesday, Eddie asked if people "do write to the Prime Minister directly they should make sure it's not leaked."

Laughing the MP said that was in "someone else's hands."

Watch the whole exchange in the video at the top of the page.