Tory MP Who Quit Government Over Brexit Admits He Now Wants His Job Back

8 May 2019, 17:29 | Updated: 8 May 2019, 17:44

A Conservative MP who resigned from the government earlier this year over Brexit has told LBC he now wants his old job back.

Alistair Burt, who quit as Middle East minister in March, admitted to Eddie Mair: “If they’d like me to go back I would love to do it."

He added: “If you really want to do something, even in politics, why don’t you say so rather than pretending.”

Alistair Burt MP resigned as Middle East minister back in March
Alistair Burt MP resigned as Middle East minister back in March. Picture: LBC

Mr Burt said he quit his post to vote against the government in a bid to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

Now, he believes that threat has been alleviated and is willing to return to his former role which has not yet been filled.

He continued: “It’s strange times, the Prime Minister is inevitably going to leave office, we know, of her own volition, after she’s got the Withdrawal Agreement through.

"So we’re in effectively an interregnum period, a new government will be formed which I will not be part of, therefore there will be a new minister for the Middle East.

"So rather than put somebody in for what could be a short period of time if they don’t continue in that post, I would love to go back and complete what I was doing."