Watch: Eddie Mair's heartwarming birthday gift to self-isolating caller

21 March 2020, 12:40

By Seán Hickey

Liz is a mother who is self-isolating for coronavirus. She has missed her son's birthday and is worried for her job's future.

Eddie Mair did all he could do to make Liz smile when she called in to share her story.

Liz said that she was "halfway through two weeks of isolation" with her younger son and fiancee. She told Eddie that her older son had finished school for good on Friday and had also recently turned 16. She was audibly upset on the phone and Eddie sympathised.

She also told Eddie that her job is "unsure at the moment" and could face being unemployed as the museum she works in will potentially be shut down until 2021.

"You wish you'd been made redundant" Liz said. She felt that if she was told that she was unemployed she would have some sort of clarity on her future rather than being uncertain about how she will make ends meet.

To top everything off, Liz told Eddie that it was her birthday while this was all going on.

Eddie told Liz that he was "so sorry all these things have combined at this moment in your life" and offered a one off to Liz. Something he said he hadn't done before on live radio, and he will not do after this moment.

To make Liz feel better, Eddie sang happy birthday to her. The gesture clearly worked, with Liz telling him that he made her smile.